Last of the How Good Men Falls

Hello, not much to say.

Here is the last two one shot from How Good Men Falls. Warning!!!!The password is, the original singer of this song. I just had to do it, sorry. Capital first and last name, no space. You may have a hard time if you don’t know American singers. Good Luck.


NOTE: All other passwords removed.


Wow!What a challenge, maybe… I was just going to let you guys have this week’s release without doing anything, but then something popped into mind. Here’s the game for this download, and no I will not be giving out the answers. Either you know them or you don’t and I will even give you a few chances! And yes, you will have to work for them, maybe…depending on you and how well you know your yaoi collection.

Challenge: Look at the picture given and  and select the group of pictures you know. The password is the answer to the question, no spaces. For example, “ThisWouldBeRight” and “This Would Be Wrong”. For Melancholy download Papaya,for Kenban download starfruit. Questions are on the bottom of the page, both sets are the same, if you already have one set, no need to download the other set.

Title of the mangaWho is the mangaka?———————————————————————–

Who is the mangaka? Set 2Who is the Mangaka?——————————————————————————————————

Set 1, first picture: What is the manga title of picture one and two?

Set 1, second picture: Who is the Mangaka?

Set 2, first picture: Who is the Mangaka?(Hint, this mangaka’s name has a long yellow fruit that you peel in its last name)

Set 2, second picture: Who is the Mangaka?(Hint, this mangaka’s name is N*******S****)

If you have any problems and your sure about who it is but when you enter the password and don’t get in, message me.

Eternal Repose

Notes about this release:Eternal Repose can also be substituted for “Rest in Peace“. The katakana from the manga uses the title translated here, but there are some places in the manga, “rest in peace” sounds better but left alone as “eternal repose”.

Important: For the password to this release, there has been a recent theme used to name the files. Translate the pseudo title given to this release from the original language to English and that’s your password. If your not a bot, you should be able to figure it out, if you can’t find a way around it and really need the password:

Contact me via livejournal or fill out the form to request the password and I will sift through it to see if your spam, a bot or a person. Also be sure to leave a response/comment when asking for the password saying “My favorite yaoi/shonen ai is da da da because da da da.”(Asking it out of curiosity, cuz com’on, who wouldn’t want to know?)

Download here—->Eternal Repose

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 Hint:It has nothing to do with yaoi and you first have to open up the mediafire link to be able to figure out the password. It shouldn’t be too hard.

For some people, it has not been working too well. I reseted the password so it should work again if it didn’t work. And if you send a form requesting for a password, make sure its a valid email address or I can’t reply back. Sorry…